ep2 developer test tool

Das Testtool für die komfortable Erstellung von ep2 Meldungsstrukturen und Meldungen, inkl. Sicherheiten.

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CEPTEST Standard Version:

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CEPTEST ep2 developer test tool

ep2 is a joint specification of the leading electronic payment and credit card companies in Switzerland. CELSI AG was one of the companies involved in creation of the ep2 specification. This experience gave us an excellent base to develop high quality products for ep2.
CEPTEST is a test tool, which allows a developer of any ep2 component to create and send messages through any message oriented ep2 interface. It also accepts, analyses and displays messages from any ep2 component. CEPTEST simulates:
  • any component
  • master or slave
  • any communication protocol of ep2 (TCP/IP + Ethernet, ISDN, PSTN)
  • with or without security header and MAC
  • with any ep2 data elements and formats
A glance on CEPTEST's main screen: CEPTEST Main Screen

Please read carefully the license conditions, before downloading CEPTEST. After download please fill in the following form and request your trial password.

We will provide you a password, that allows you to use the full functionality of CEPTEST for a limited period of 30 days, free of charge and with no obligations for you. The password is entered at the first start of CEPTEST. If you are satisfied with the product, please send us your order by e-mail. We will then send you a permanent password.

System requirements: Windows 7 or later.

CEPTEST language: English (Program and Documentation)

Pricing: A single license costs CHF 2200.- excl. VAT. An additional license for the same organization entitles for a 50% discount. A corporate license with unlimited installations within the same organization is available at a price of CHF 4400.- excl. VAT.


CEPTEST Server Version:

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In addition to the CEPTEST standard version, we offer a Server Version, which contains turn key features for stress tests and mass data tests of ep2 servers:

1. Simulate up to 100 terminals seeking parallel authorization requests, or data submission, data transmission to PMS, initialization, configuration at service center or any other server service. All requests are sent out within few milliseconds.

2. Record authorization requests and responses in files and use them for submission/transmission purposes. The easiest way to generate large submission files.

3. Simulate Issuer Script Commands execution: Generate Issuer Script Results from authorization responses into submission files. Add a probability for simulated failing of issuer script commands and adjust terminal verification results in case of issuer script command failure.

4. Use Plug Ins for adding your proprietary technology to CEPTEST messages. Generate e.g. transaction certificates or other chip data by your own applications and plug in the result into CEPTEST's data stream generation.

The CEPTEST Server Version is an upgrade to corporate license standard version. Its price is CHF 2200.-. Installation on existing standard versions require a different license password, which you receive on your order of the upgrade.

For more information on the Server Version, look into:


Step by step description how to set up a stress test:


CEPTEST Versions:

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Installation of a New Version

You may install the new version in the same directory as the existing one after uninstalling the existing version. After the installation, all existing files that you may have created can be used:
  • Your license information (name, company name and key) is still valid. This is true for evaluation and permanent license
  • All message and configuration files are still valid


This section contains some frequently asked questions:

Enter the data submission message with the first transaction. Mark all variable items of a transaction with the 'S' attribute. Then click on the container element containing a transaction. Use the copy, paste function to reproduce it as often as you need (copy of a container element copies it with all child elements). Use the 'Fast select next' button to browse through all transactions and enter the transaction values.

In the menu [Parameters], [Message Header], select 'no security extension or MAC are present' in the Encoding Information field. All optional header items are not used for POS messages.

Sequences are automatically executed sets of messages. CEPTEST sends a message, waits for the response, analyses it, sends the next message… If errors are detected (missing elements, illegal values), the content of all windows is logged into a file.
This is used to run tests automatically, e.g. after a software change, or for stress tests…, provided the test purpose can be achieved by observing a single interface.

Chip transactions contain encrypted data, which must come from the chip. An automatic CEPTEST sequence can be used only if the receiver accepts (temporarily) the chip data elements entered into the CEPTEST message.

New Features for Versions

  • The new version supports the modified security items specified in ep2 version 7.0.0. For existing customers of version 6.0.0 or later an upgrade is available at a fee of CHF 150 for a single license and CHF 300 for a corporate license. For customers of older versions upgrade fees are CHF 300.- or 600.- for a corporate license.

  • Version 6.0.1 corrects a bug of version 6.0.0 regarding SHA-256 hash computation.

  • CEPTEST 6.0.0 is ready for ep2 specification version 6.3.0
  • The new version supports the header version 30 for session key cryptogram length above 255

  • Supports static key pan receipt of ep2 version 6.0.0

  • Correction of PIN block generation of previous versions

  • Tool for TLV items like e.g. ep2:AcqTCDOL
  • When the XML header contains a specversion attribute with a value of 0520 or above, PIN-block 3 is used for PIN encription.

  • Tool for Hash Computation and MAC generation, with info window displaying all intermediate steps
  • Server version: When recording authorisations for submission, track2 data is split to PAN and Expiration date according to version 5.0.1 of the ep2 specification
  • Minor user interface adaptions (icons for load and save of configuration files)

  • Tool for decription and parsing of Session Key Cryptogramms
  • Support for proprietary containers in recorded submission data files

  • Tool for Tripple DES Encription/Decription
  • Support for Read Only Files

  • Converter from base64 to hex and vice versa
  • Converter from ASCII to hex and vice versa
  • Formatter of an XML document (e.g. from a log file..)
  • Decomposition of a formatted public key into its components

The main focus of the new version is a set of features designed to use CEPTEST as a watchdog for ep2 Server Applications like acquirer servers, service centers or PMS systems:
  • sequences may be set to “permanent run”
  • alarming functions in case of a predefined number of errors
  • alarming functions in case of increasing response time
  • login functions for administrators and other users
  • log files may be configured, including log file types for import into spreadsheet applications, databases…
Other user input is also reflected by the new version:
  • improved handling of configuration files
  • improved edit functions for copying of keys

Version 2.5.2 corrects computing of acquirer transaction certificates for pool values.

Version 2.5.0 adds a new feature for automatic load tests: It supports now value pools for elements. Values of elements are written into a text file one line per entry. The element is marked with a ‘P’=[Value pool sequential] or ‘R’ = [Value pool random] attribute and its value contains the file name of the value pool. Each time the message is loaded (e.g. in a sequence), the value is replaced with the next line in the file resp. with a random line.

Version 2.4.6 corrects timeout handling when large messages (such as reconciliation files) are received over modem.

Version 2.4.4 logs all messages during sequences into files, grouped by 100 entries per file. Errors are logged into a separate file. It also corrects a memory leakage bug, that eventually caused a memory overflow when sequences were restarted many times. This version handles also RSA keys with most significant bit set to 0.This was not the case in prior versions.

Version 2.4.0 uses a new server socket, that is more reliable for clients who do not close connections properly. This happens frequently during software development and therefore a server should accept clients, that simply disappear. Previous versions responded differently on a new connection attempt, when the previous one was not closed by the client. It is therefore recommended for all programmers of client applications to upgrade to the new version.
Beside this, a number of small changes brought to our attention by users are implemented.

Licensing Info:

Upgrading costs to version 6.0.0 are:

CHF 150.- for single license

CHF 300.- for corporate license


CEPTEST - Downloads

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Download CEPTEST version 7.0.1 (including Help) (8.5 MB)

Download CEPTEST version 6.0.1 (including Help) (8.5 MB)

Download CEPTEST version 5.2.5 (including Help) (8.5 MB)

We care about your feedback! Please report any feedback you may have: Do you have questions on how to use CEPTEST? Did you miss a function, which you would like to see? Or did you detect an error? We are determined to provide tools, that fit to the needs of customers and we will carefully evaluate any input from you.

Sample Source Files of ep2 Messages and ep2 Tools

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Reconciliation Advice Files

The following samples contain a source file for the «Reconciliation Advice File Request» and 2 examples for the «Reconciliation Advice File Response» message:

File "raf response single transaction.epm" contains a header and 1 <Batch Data Reconciliation Detail> container.

File "raf response multiple transactions.epm" contains a header and 20 <Batch Data Reconciliation Detail> container, where 1 <transaction type extension> is set to 4 (credit).

Please read the enclosed readme.pdf for additional remarks to the examples.

RAF samples.zip

Sample Files of the SI(INIT) Interface

These samples contain a set of configuration and request messages of the SI(INIT) interface. A sample is available for each 'configuration object'.

Please read the enclosed readme.pdf for additional remarks to the examples.


Hex To Base64 and Tripple DES Encoding/Decoding

A freeware utility for base64 encoding/decoding of hex strings and for tripple des encryption/decryption of strings.

ep2EncodingUtility.zip (Version 1.3)


This small utility imports a formatted public key, decomposes it into its elements and indicates if the hash value is not correct.

Another feature is the export of public keys, where the utility concats the elements and calculates the resulting hash.

As a third feature, the utility contains a RSA key generator, which generates a RSA key pair of desired length.

Ep2PublicKeyImporter is freeware.

Ep2PublicKeyImporter.zip (Version 2.3)


CEPTEST - Trial Password Request

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Please read carefully the license conditions, before downloading CEPTEST. After download please contact us and request your trial password.

We will provide you a password, that allows you to use the full functionality of CEPTEST for a limited period of 30 days, free of charge and with no obligations for you. The password is entered at the first start of CEPTEST. If you are satisfied with the product, please send us your order by e-mail. We will then send you a permanent password.

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